Mercyful Fate
Date: 1981-09-26
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: Saltlageret
Headliner: Girlschool
Archived: Audio
Doomed By The Living Dead
Curse Of The Pharaohs
Return Of The Vampire
On A Night Of Full Moon
Walking Back To Hell
A Corpse Without Soul
It's common belief that the date for this show is supposed to be 1982-09-26, but I believe that's wrong. I base this on a couple of "evidences" that will be displayed here. After you checked them out, you can decide for yourself if I'm right or not. Here we go.

The Ticket.
The ticket says "Lördag d. 26 September kl. 21.00", which means "Saturday, September 26, 9.00 PM", and 1981-09-26 was a Saturday. (1982-09-26 was a sunday...)

An article about the Girlschool show from a Danish newspaper.
It says in the article that the concert was "Saturday", and according to that, the articla must be written and published within' the week after the show. In that article it also says that there's going to be a show on Swedish Television with Girlscholl the same night as the article was published. And if you check a TV-tableau in a Swedish newspaper from Monday September 28, 1981, there was a show in TV2 with Girlschool and Motörhead at 18.30. Based on this, the article about the Girlschool show must have been published in the Danish newspaper 1981, September 28.

The guitar player in Girlschool, Kelly Johnson, got electrified on stage when grabbing the microphone at the same time as she held her guitar. The show was directly cut off. Kelly was brought to the hospital by ambulance. This was the first time Girlschool performed in Denmark.
Newspaper-ad for the show.

The article about the accident with Kelly Johnson of Girlschool.

Swedish TV-tableau from September 28, 1981.

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