Mercyful Fate
Date: 1984-12-06
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Venue: Syria Mosque
Opening Act: Exciter
Headliner: Motörhead
Mercyful Fate's show got cancelled by the promoters. However, Motörhead and Exciter played thier shows.

Article from The Gettysburg Times regarding this show:

Promoters cancel show by an avowed Satanist

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Promoters cancelled a concert by Mercyf'ul Fate, a Danish heavy metal band led by an avowed Satanist and lyricist of songs entitled "Nuns Have No Fun" and "Into the Coven".

DiCesare-Engler Productions said Tuesday it scratched Mercyful Fate from a triple-bill concert Thursday at the Syria Mosque. Motorhead and Exciter, two other heavy metal bands, will play the concert.

"They told us we had satanic content" said Mercyful Fate road manager Hans Castensmith. "That breaches freedom of religion, freedom of speech, you name it. We may have more graphic satanic content than some bands, but satanic content is satanic content."

A spokesman for Dicesare-Engler, Ed Traversari, would not confirm that the band's apparent devil-worshipping stance was the reason for the cancellation.

Mercyful Fate lead singer King Diamond said he is a follower of the teachings of Anton LeVay, the head of the Satanic Church and a man Diamond calls "the pope of Satanism".

Nearly all of Mercyful Fate's songs have satanic themes. One of the group's album covers depicts a young, nearly naked woman being crucified by hooded figures.

"My lyrics are pure Fantasy and imagination." said Diamond, who dresses in satanic garb for most of the group's concerts "Mystery has always fascinated me so that's what I write about. So does Black Sabbath. Because I'm so interested in the mysterious it makes it easy to write lyrics about it.

"Nuns Have No Fun" graphically describes a nun being abused by "an evil man". Jane Wartoke of the Wartoke Agency, the group's New York publicity firm, said the cancellation is the first on Mercyful Fate's current 21-city tour.

"We're stunned and we think it's funny that in this day and age that a rock ‘n roll group could be banned on philosophical grounds. "We've had no trouble with Mercvful Fate in any other cities." she said.


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