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Some new pictures from Faelledparken, Copenhagen, DK 1990.

Got some great pictures from Henrik Stenroos of the King Diamond show in Faelledparken in Copenhagen, Denmark, that was held on July 21st, 1990.

Check out the pictures by clicking here!



If anyone out there has any old pictures from any Mercyful Fate / King Diamond show, don’t hesitate to send them to us. Every picture is wanted, no matter the quality. Please send them here:


Posted on March 3rd, 2016 - 20:28

New upcoming King Diamond shows in Europe 2016.

The announced shows of the upcoming European 2016 tour have been added to the tour date list, more to come soon.

Some of the upcoming shows are:
Fortarock in The Netherlands, Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden and Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium.

The full Abigail album from 1987 will be performed at the show as well as other chosen tracks from King Diamond’s career in both King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.

Check the dates by clicking here and scroll to the bottom.


Posted on February 16th, 2016 - 20:04

Tour Date archive have been updated.

The King Diamond Tour Date archive have been updated with the 2015 Mayhem Festival Tour, including setlists for all the shows.

Check it out by clicking here.


Posted on January 11th, 2016 - 19:29

Brats tour date list updated

Updated the tour date list with a bunch of old Brats shows.  Check it out by clicking here.

If you have any information on any of Brats live shows, I’m very interested in getting in contact with you. Please contact me at:  I’m looking for any recordings, pictures, articles etc.

Very special thanks to Alex Bergdahl, Jan Lindblad, Janne Stark and Hank Shermann for this update.


Posted on December 27th, 2014 - 20:24

King Diamond live in Sweden July 25th, 2014!

KING DIAMOND confirms appearance at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden in July!

King Diamond has confirmed a main stage appearance at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden this summer. This will be the band’s only appearance in Sweden for 2014. Fans will see King Diamond’s over-the-top and critically-lauded stage show on Gröna Lund’s main stage on July 25th, 2014. Tickets and more information can be found at



Posted on February 26th, 2014 - 19:25

Pictures from King Diamond first show with Brats added.

Added fifteen amazing pics of Brats from thier first show with King Diamond on vocals. The show was held at Naestved Gymnasium in Naestved, Denmark in February 1981. Don’t know the exact date, so if you any info on this it would be great!

Very special thanks to Jan Lindblad for letting me use the pictures.

Check out the info page on this concert here.

Help needed with the “complete” Brats tour date list. Check this link and see if you have any info that I’m missing. There must be more shows!


Posted on January 25th, 2014 - 20:38

King Diamond Headlines Jalometalli in Finland 2014

King Diamond is coming to Finland, headlining Jalometalli on August 8, 2014.Info from King Diamond Official Facebook page:


King Diamond Headlines Jalometalli 2014

The city of Oulu will once again host a feast of Metal in August; Jalometalli, a two-day Metal festival in Northern Finland, already announced the first bands in the bill for August 2014. The Danish… legend, King Diamond, will be headlining Friday, August 8th. Other confirmed artists are Sacred Reich (USA) Dark Angel (USA), Loudness (JPN) and the Finnish Speedtrap and Ranger.

The festival is once again held on the second weekend of August (8th and 9th). This year, the venue will be new, as Club Teatria, the host for the festival since 2006 is moving on to new premises. In the interim, Jalometalli will be held in the vicinity of Ouluhalli, the indoor fair and sports arena near downtown Oulu.

King Diamond will be one of this year’s international headliners at Jalometalli on Friday, August 8th. King Diamond is known for presenting very visual theatrical horror shows. He first became known as the lead singer and co-founder of Mercyful Fate in the early 80s. During his long solo career, he has released 12 studio albums, the latest of which is entitled ‚ “Give Me Your Soul…Please” (2007). The latest appearance of King Diamond in Oulu was in 2006.

Two-day tickets to Jalometalli will be on sale on Monday, January 13, 2014. Advance tickets can be purchased through Lippupalvelu or from Musiikki-Kullas in downtown Oulu. A two-day ticket costs 90 euros, one-day tickets will be released for sale at a later date, when schedules are confirmed. As before, we will have accommodation+Jalometalli ticket packages for two-day visitors later in the Spring.

Jalometalli is open for Metalheads of all ages. We reserve the rights for making any changes to performers or schedules.”

Club Teatria:




Posted on January 11th, 2014 - 20:47



The King Diamond show in Japan on Loud Park 13 fstival was not cancelled by the band, but cancelled by the promoter. Here’s an update posted by King Diamond:


Let me try and explain this without saying **** all the time.

The Japanese promoters at Loud Park had, when I woke up this morning, posted a false and deceitful cancellation announcement, which they are going to have to correct to what really happened.

First of all: We did not cancel the show. The promoters did.

Let them show an email saying we cancelled the show. They can’t. We can provide the email in which they cancelled.

They cancelled so late, that some of our people were already in flight to Japan. I myself found out from a forwarded email at 4:26 am Dallas time, waiting for a preordered cab to arrive at 6:00 am to take me to DFW International Airport.

The email had come from Onta (working for the promoter, in what capacity, I don’t know, but at least in a capacity to be able to cancel our performance), saying “Sorry for the result. Please stop taking flights for all…”

So much had happened up to this point, and I will try to condense everything into a short sequence of events.

Entire theatrical production, including all instruments and special effects had been put into the professional care of a Danish shipping company, who is also used by Rocket Cargo among others, in order to make sure everything would be in Tokyo with time to spare.

This was trucked from Copenhagen to Hamburg harbor, and loaded onto a Chinese ship.

During the sail from Hamburg to Ningbo, China, where our entire cargo would be in transit and go via Japanese ship to Tokyo, our Danish shipper found out through their agents in China, that the ship’s arrival had suddenly been announced with a 6 day delay. No reasons given.

The Chinese ship company seems to still be working on an answer to our Danish shipper.

With such an unexpected delay (our Danish shipper had never experienced this before), new ways to try and make up for the delay had to be thought out.


A shipping company in China, known to our Danish shipper was contacted, since they were known to have connections to the Chinese government, with the hope that they might be able speed up a procedure that has never been done before. People at Creativeman also brought in connections in China to cooperate with everyone. The new, never before done plan was to now import the entire cargo into China, truck it in China from Ningbo to Shanghai, from where it would be exported and air lifted with a Chinese airline 747 cargo plane (the only one which had large enough entrance) to Narita Airport in Tokyo.

To my knowledge, the Danish embassy and the Japanese embassy in China became involved in trying to solve this dilemma.

At this point, money also became an issue. This procedure would add at least 21,500 Euros to expenses, which was agreed to be split between promoter and band.

An amendment to the contract was negotiated, in which promoter in the end agreed to give band half the concert fee, even if the gear didn’t make it. This was agreed to, so that both band and promoter participated in the risk of incurring a bigger loss if we went along with this new plan, and still couldn’t make it.

The following paragraph explains the scenario from which the promoters probably took parts and wrongfully used in their cancellation statement, in order to push the blame onto us, while at the same time practically ridiculing us.

The promoter at some point tried to almost force the band into agreeing to play two free backline shows next year, only paying expenses for flights, rented backline and crew salary, in case the cargo didn’t make it in time to Loud Park, in order to make up for promoter’s part of the possible loss.

However, this idea was quickly scrapped, since we couldn’t guarantee that it would fit in our future schedule, plus that we would have huge losses doing that, and last but not least we do not play without our theatrical production anymore.

All King Diamond shows are full King Diamond shows.

Regarding our production, which was originally built over the period of several months and has been expanded since, the promoter generously did offer to try and replicate it in just days, which sounds nice but realistically was nothing but a big pipe dream.

There is no way it could have been done safely and respectfully. Everything we use has been cleared with specific safety clauses in mind, and just walking on different feeling stairs that you have not practiced on is an actual safety issue. But there is so much that could be explained here that would make this clear as daylight, but would take too long. I need to get this out now.

Maybe you can get more info regarding all this when Decibel does their cover story of King Diamond very soon.

Again, I want to state that we did not cancel, the promoter did.

We not only have a loss from this financially, we also lost the planned 10 camera filming of our performance for a possible future DVD, plus most important, the chance to show a Japanese audience what a King Diamond show is all about.


I also want to state that the promoters are not to blame for this either. Both parties tried to go above and beyond to make this happen, but in the end it ended up being out of our hands and up to the Chinese customs authorities.

We have emails containing proof of everything I have stated above.

Stay Heavy,


King Diamond


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You can view the full announcement by following this link:



The King Diamond and Mercyful Fate Forum Team.”

Posted on October 19th, 2013 - 13:01

King Diamond show at Loud Park 13 Festival in Japan cancelled!

The following was posted on Loud Park 13’s website:

“We would like to inform you that King Diamond, which was scheduled to perform at LOUD PARK on Sunday (October 20th 2013) has canceled their performance due to their equipment not arriving in Japan in time. The band has tried everything within its power to sort the issue out but unfortunately there is no chance of the equipment arriving in time for the show.
We have negotiated with the band about using substitute equipment for the show but because of their resolute stance on not being able to perform with equipment other than their own has resulted in this cancellation.
We deeply apologize for this situation to anyone who has been looking forward to the band’s performance.
Please note that there has been an update in the timetable due to this cancellation which can be seen here. There will be no refunds caused by this cancellation of King Diamond at LOUD PARK 2013.

October 18th, 2013


Posted on October 18th, 2013 - 18:26

King Diamond – Wacken Open Air 2014

King Diamond will be playing at next year’s Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. The festival takes place in a village called Wacken between Hamburg and Kiel from July 31st to August 2nd.

The date for King’s show has not yet been announced. Check back for more info.

Source:  King Diamond Coven.


Posted on August 5th, 2013 - 21:40

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