The Mission 
This site is honoring all constellations of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, all thier members (past and present) and related bands. The mission of this site is to gather all information on the bands, tour dates, releases, magazines, pictures etc.

I started this page because I had a hard time finding information on any old Mercyful Fate / King Diamond live shows. As I always been interested in concerts and setlists, I started The Mercyful Fate / King Diamond Tour Database trying to compile as much info as possible on every MF/KD show and started collecting old tickets, posters, flyers, photos etc. I got in contact with many helpful friends all over the world. The more info I gathered the more I wanted to put on the page. (Got tons of stuff not on the site yet, coming soon…) The info on the site later started to move away from the original idea with only tour dates, so I changed the name to The Mercyful Fate / King Diamond F.A.Q.

The tour dates will always be the main subject, but with the inspiration of another great website, I will be adding more and more info along the way.I’ll hope you like the page and as always, I need YOUR help to make it better. So please check the Wanted page for stuff you can help me with.