Coven Worldwide - The official Mercyful Fate & King Diamond Website.
Hank Shermann Official Website - Check out what Hank is up to with SHERMANN TANK and other stuff. Great looking site.
House Of Light Studio - Teemu Vedenoja, the cover artist that designed the cover for "Give Me Your Soul... Please".
King Diamond / Mercyful Fate width= - Russian fun page.
Metalized - The hardest Danish Metal Magazine around. Check emout.
Rockdoc - Rock Of Denmark - The best site about Danish rock music. Excellent.
Swedish Concert Posters - Great site with a great collection of posters from concerts in Sweden.
Texas Metal Underground - Our primary goal at TMU will be to explore the Texas Metal scene of the mid 1980's.  The bands, the shows, the clubs, the fans.  It was a great time and one that should not be forgotten in the annals of Metal history. With a great picture gallery.
Venom Collector Page - Are you looking for info about Venom. Check this page out, has everything.
Thin Lizzy Guide - Amazing site with info on Thin Lizzy and related bands. Check it out.
See You Next Year - A great site with info an all Hardrock / Heavy Metal concerts in Sweden 1968-1989 (In swedish only...) - All the info you need on KISS.
Kompakt Disk - Looking for a record? - Check out the Best record shop there is.
(In swedish only...)
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