As you maybe have seen, there are some stuff missing in the Tour Date-lists, and I could really use your help solving that. I'm in need of help with the following:
Mercyful Fate: Wanted:
1982-02-14 Copenhagen, Denmark Venue.
1983-06-01 Copenhagen, Denmark Venue.
1983-12-03 Copenhagen, Denmark Venue.
1983-12-04 Copenhagen, Denmark - Saltlageret Confirmation that this show happened.
1984-02-21 Udine, Italy Venue.
1984-02-22 Firenze, Italy Venue.
1984-02-23 Imola, Italy Venue.
1984-02-25 Naoli, Italy Venue.
1984-04-19 Copenhagen, Denmark Venue.
1984-11-02 Detroit, Michigan, USA Venue.
1984-11-04 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Venue.
1984-11-05 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Venue.
1984-12-04 Milwaukee, Ohio, USA / Columbus, Ohio, USA ??? Correct Location and Venue.
1984-12-07 Rochester, New York, USA Venue.
1984-12-16 Providence, Rhode Island, USA Venue.
1985-??-?? The cancelled German Tour 1985. Dates, Locations and Venues for the planned tour that got cancelled because of the split-up.
1993-09-13 Washington, DC, USA Venue.
1993-09-17 Buffalo, New York, USA Venue.
1993-09-21 Columbus, Ohio, USA Venue.
1993-09-22 Detroit, Michigan, USA Venue.
1993-09-23 Cincinatti, Ohio, USA Venue.
1993-09-25 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Venue.
1993-09-27 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Venue.
1993-09-29 Kansas City, Missouri, USA Venue.
1993-10-03 Seattle, Washington, USA Venue.
1993-10-04 Vancouver, Brittish Columbia, USA Venue.
1993-10-05 Portland, Oregon, USA Venue.
1993-10-10 Tuczon, Arizona, USA Venue.
1993-10-11 Phoenix, Arizona, USA Venue.
1993-10-14 Ausin, Texas, USA Venue.
1993-10-15 San Antonio, Texas, USA Venue.
1993-10-16 Houston, Texas, USA Venue.
1993-10-17 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Venue.
1993-10-19 Jacksonville, Florida, USA Venue.
1993-10-20 Orlando, Florida, USA Venue.
1993-10-22 Tampa, Florida, USA Venue.
1993-10-23 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Venue.
1993-10-24 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Venue.
1993-10-25 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Venue.
1995-01-19 Rochester, New York, USA Venue.
1995-01-21 Huntington, New York, USA Venue.
1995-01-29 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Venue.
1995-02-03 Seattle, Washington, USA Venue.
1995-02-08 Los Angeles, California, USA Venue.
1995-02-10 Ausin, Texas, USA Venue.
1995-02-11 Houston, Texas, USA Venue.
1995-02-12 San Antonio, Texas, USA Venue.
1995-02-15 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Venue.
1995-02-16 Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA Venue.
1995-02-19 New Haven, Connecticut, USA Venue.
1998-01-18 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Venue.
1998-01-23 Catanduva, Brazil Venue.
1998-01-25 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Venue.
1999-07-16 ??? - Estadio Nacional Location.
King Diamond:  
1986-05-21 Frankfurt, Germany Venue.
1986-07-20?? Rochester, New York, USA Venue and correct date.
1986-07-22 Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada Venue.
1986-07-29?? Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA Venue and correct date.
1986-07-31 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Correct Venue.
1986-08-05 Denver, Colorado, USA Venue.
1986-08-25?? New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Correct date.
1986-08-28 Washington, DC, USA Venue.
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