OST FEST 2013 is cancelled!

The organizers of OST Fest in Romania have posted the following on their website:

“OST FEST 2013 is cancelled!    

After a great deal of hard work, research and sent emails, Project Events  – organizers of OST FEST- decided with regret that this year’s edition of OST FEST will be cancelled.

     „We would have wanted that OST FEST 2013 to surpass the last one. In 2012 we raised the bar quite high actually. We had for the people bands like Motorhead, Europe, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Manowar and Dimmu Borgir. Those great names made OST FEST one of the biggest festivals Romania has  ever had. For the 2013 edition we started working before the 2012 edition ended. We’ve sent hundreds of emails and offers but unfortunately we didn’t come to an agreement with  other big names besides King Diamond. The  other  big bands we would have wanted on our stage had other arrangements or they were outside Europe at that time. Giving the fact that we would not want to be under the people’s expectations we preferred to cancel this year’s show and get to work for the next year’s event instead.” – Sorin Sararu,  managing partner at Project Events.

Project Events is sorry for the inconvenience and would want to note that all of you who purchased tickets or subscriptions to OST FEST 2013 will be able to get their money back  starting with the 7th of February from the locations they purchased them.”

King Diamond’s comment on this:

“This is the only explanation we ourselves have gotten so far. I have made up my own mind about this, and am too angry with the organizers to speak further about it.

I feel genuinely sorry for all those who have looked forward to this.