Table Of Contents

I. News and Updates
  News and updates, covering Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, related bands and updates. For older news check the News Archive. Updates in the tour date lists can be found here.
II. Tour Dates
  Tour dates with setlists, tickets, pictures etc.
  1. Mercyful Fate
  2. King Diamond
  3. Brats
  4. Zoser Mez
  5. Force Of Evil
III. Discographies
  Discographies with information, pictures, bootlegs and more... (Old, working on a new updated version.)
  1. Mercyful Fate - Official releases
  2. Mercyful Fate - Compilations
  3. Mercyful Fate - Bootlegs
  4. King Diamond - Official releases
  5. King Diamond - Compilations
  6. King Diamond - Bootlegs
IV. Band Members
  Biographies, discographies and tour dates for all members and thier related bands.
  1. King Diamond
    Bio | Family Tree | Disco | Dates
  2. Hank Shermann
    Bio | Family Tree | Disco | Dates
  3. Michael Denner
    Bio | Family Tree | Disco | Dates
  4. Timi Hansen
    Bio | Family Tree | Disco | Dates
V. Family Trees
  A graphic layout of the relations between the bands and it's members.
  1. Mercyful Fate
  2. King Diamond
VI. Pictures
  Scans of magazines, posters, articles and more...
  1. Magazines
  2. Advertisements
  3. Articles
  4. Backstage Passes
VII. Reference
  Lists of songs, studios, covers etc.
  1. Song index
  2. Covered MF/KD songs
  3. Studios
VIII. About
  What is this site all about? What's the story behind it? All information like that can be found here.
IX. Message Board
  Welcome to discuss Mercyful Fate / King Diamond and related. Interact with other fans and collecters all over world. Please come on in and join the fun.
X. Feedback
  Do you see something here that's not correct? Do you have any contributions, corrections or suggestions. Please contact the webmaster. Check the wanted-list for the most wanted items right now.
XI. Credits
  Without contributions, the can't be all that it is (will be), so thanks to the following persons for sharing information, scans, or correcting details.
XII. Links
  Relevant links to interesting stuff.
XIII. Specials
  Here you will find various stuff, like articles written by
  1. Night Of The Vinyl Dead
  2. Evil invades Norje
  3. Sweden Rock Festival 2009
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